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Motorola's Brand Loyalty Among Men 18+ Sneaks Past Apple

According to a study, Motorola recently surpassed Apple in brand loyalty among men 18 years old and up since the release of the Droid on the Verizon network. The study by YouGov's BrandIndex scale ranges from -100 to 100 and is based on weekday interviews with 2,000 interviews per day from a panel of 250,000 people.

This past week Apple has dropped from a November peak high of 48.1 to 22 and Motorola is staying strong with 29.3 with an error margin of +/- 2 percent. The real loser in all of this? Research and Motion and their BlackBerry smartphones as they have dropped to a lonely 9 in the study.

All of this may have started from the much talked about Verizon map and Droid commercials. It would seem that the first round of the Verizon vs AT&T battle has gone in favor of Big Red and Motorola. It should be interesting to see if the latest iPhone commercials will be able to swing things back into Apple's favor.

  • I'm no convinced that the commercials had much to do with it.
    Brand loyalty is not won or lost based on a couple of commercials.
    I think this has more to do with Motorola being sadly missed in the high-end cellphone market place by LARGE numbers of the 140 million Razr users that has moto phones as their first cell and remember how indestructible and reliable they really were.
    These people may also be long time verizon customers as well, because Verizon sold more Razrs than any other cell provider.
    --Hope Tiger Woods pulls thru,,,,,
  • Lol razrs and longevity never ever belong in the same sentence. I bet these are former q owners and people sick of verizon having not one decent phone so they are ecstatic that they have an ok phone. You'll never pull the iPhone from my hands though
  • iphone mania can only last so long with a sad AT&T 3G map and an iphone that's not changed much. Moto and Verizon is the first to market with a big high rez screen to compete with em.
    It's just a temp phase but its a sign Apple might be getting a bit stale and warrants some changes.
  • Well a lot of us in our 30s and 40s have owned several Moto phones and were served well by them. I had a Star Tac for yrs. Now that was the most durable phone I've ever owned. So I'm happy that Moto has joined the 21st century with a really decent device. One they can only improve on.
  • Agree. Had a StarTac and a Razr and they were both bulletproof. Don't know why the Razr gets such a bad rap. Do have an iPhone now though.
  • This graph makes me scratch my head.
    Moto didn't actually "gain", the line is relevantly flat.
    But Apple and RIM fell rather sharply.
    The ironic thing is: this is a graph depicting "brand LOYALTY"! Yet somehow Apple's line is like a roller-coster track in just 2 weeks.
    So much for loyalty I guess. Yeah Men 18+ are bunch of cheating whores including myself.
  • Be nice RJ. What do u have against moto? Did the cops whack u over the head with one?
  • You can skew so-called 'studies' to come up with pretty much anything you want them to -- they're meaningless... They do however fill blog pages with a bunch of nothing on slow news days ;)
  • The graph barely represents a month, and when did Moto started to overtake Apple in brand loyalty in this graph? Nov. 16.
  • The Droid has been out for a month and these people are now known to be brand loyal? WTF kind of survery/study was this. What a crock of sh*t.
  • Agreed with Zzz!
  • Agree with Zzz also!
  • I switched from att to verizon. I had a blackberry bold on att and got a droid on verizon. I love it but I wouldn't say I am brand loyal to motorola. I would however say that I am now loyal to verizon because the negtwork is night and day. I love my droid and don't regret going to verizon. I do want a bold 9700 though.
  • I had an IPhone until I was in the mountains of Colorado in her car (I was driving) during the summer of 2006 seeing my friend who was pregnant at the time and my IPhone had a No Service message when I tried to use it to call 911 when her water broke. She had a 3 year old Verizon Inpulse prepaid Motorola phone in her purse and it had service. So, I opened it up and dialed 911. I ended up being walked through the steps of birthing babies and she ended up giving birth to a 6 pounds, 3 ounce baby boy in the back seat of the car. I had to drive her and the baby to the hospital afterward, though. I had sold my IPhone and now I have a Verizon Droid and will never go back to AT&T. What good is a fancy phone if it doesn't work when you need it to?
  • Ben I don't know if you were paying attention to the commercials and ads going on between AT&T and Verizon but, AT&T had said something like "You got the birds, fish covered but I think we got the people covered." This is what makes me mad about AT&T, they only cover big cities and hey if I get stuck in the middle of nowhere like the mountains or in Arizona somewhere, I won't get service because AT&T coverage blows. So thats one reason I left AT&T but I still have my iPhone, can't let it go.
  • I am not surprised apple has lost brand loyalty. it seems to me every time i needed help with my iphone apple wanted to charge me. I have finally given up the iphone for a motorola droid. as of now, i love the phone! it has everything that i used on the iphone and more. the keyboard is great for internet use. that way when entering text, the keyboard dosent cover the whole screen. also the screen is bigger than the iphone and has better resolution. I have never been happier to dump that crap ATT service. i no longer drop %40 of my calls.