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Multi-Touch Patents, You Belong to Apple Now

What was once but an administrative possibility has become the most sublime of legal certainties: Apple has been granted the multi-touch patents.

Credited to the one, Steve Jobs, and the many, Scott Forstall and the iPhone team, the news patents are simultaneously as wide ranging as they are specifically crafted towards the implementation of one or many fingers interacting on the screen in a mobile device, with the most subtle of heuristic interpretations.

Apropos the heretofore mentioned anomaly; ergo Palm Pre's exacting duplication of the iPhone's multi-touch gestures and behavioral interactions and Apple's deliberately obscure threats in their direction, these new patents provide a single, potentially catastrophic result of a singular equation: Apple has grounds to sue.

Vis a vis Palm's own far-reaching patent portfolio in the mobile space: these remain a perplexing, perhaps equation changing variable. Through one door, a cross licensing agreement. Through the other, years if not decades of litigation.

In sum, the situation remains predictably uncertain.

(Thanks to David, Chad, and everyone who sent this in!)

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • first
    congrats apple
  • finally that shameless copy of the iphone that will remain nameless will have to be redone maybe they can do something original
  • nratoepreotyfmces on September 25, 2011 omg the sauve thing was so corny lol but hey its 2 free products so ill do it. i love your channel and facebook and site so great! im kat elliott on facebook it really would be great to have a forum and your site would be perfect for that
  • apple spend all the money in the world to sue the pants off em lol yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Yeaaaaah, so that scene in the Matrix reloaded was just one of many things that ruined that franchise, but goddamn is it also somerthing that makes blogs hard to read when they're trying to be funny. Do your editors impose a word count? Was "Apple already have the patents to pummel the Pre into oblivion" not enough?
    You want everyone to start hating this blog as much as we hate the Matrix sequels?
  • @maniacfive
    "Hated this post" wouldn't have sufficed? ;)
  • @rene don't listen to the haters keep up the good work
    @stevejobs I love u get well soon
    @apple go get em!!!!
  • yeah the matrix pic is a lil much how bout a simple pic of jobs when he was joking about "boy have we patented it"
  • Again, article confused me.
    Does this mean Apple can sue palm yet?
  • And someone on this site is power tripping, 5 of my e-mail addresses have been banned and i dont even comment that often
  • @ Rene Ritchie
    Touché :-D
  • @iAirmanshirk We don't typically ban email addresses in blog comments, let me know what the problem you're having is (i.e. what error message do get) and we'll look into it. Feel free to email me directly: news (at) tipb (dot) com.
  • Even if Apple has the right to sue I hope they don't. In my opinion the pre is by far the most exciting phone to come out since the iPhone. My hope is it pushes apple to rip off some of it's great features in the next iteration of the iPhone.
  • I dont seem to have any problems other than my e-mail addresses just seem to randomly stop working =/
  • IMHO Apple wont be anle to any better product, patent or not. Multi-touch is Pre's only one of the many iPhone beating features, time spent on bettering products is much preferable than it being in court rooms Mr. Jobs! You have all it takes to beat the Pre, work on it!
  • Wont b able to beat....
  • Muriness1 on December 28, 2008 THANK YOU!! People rethar throw their past in their face when they are CLEARLY Improving and growing every day
  • if palm is forced not to use multi touch... couldn't this delay the pre's release for a sufficent amount of time? we all know that palm and sprint need this device out asap...
  • Yes, there will b a delay, palm could well to that feature and do a timely release. Hopefully once the dust settles the feature can be added thru an update!
  • yeah ... so as long as the multi touch feature could be added via update ... so it shouldent be catastrophic for palm and sprint... maybe they will be able to trade patents.... hopfully this will all be straitened out in Barcelona next month
  • Has Handango got any meadcil software for the Android? I just did a search for meadcil software for the T-Mo G1 as the selected device and I got a There are currently no Medical products available at this time message.
  • DR. EVIL's Laugh cued in now!
  • I wish... I wish, people who write these articles will do their homework. The patent Apple allied for is "A" form of multi-touch. There are several forms of multi-touch, the Pre does NOT use the same multi-touch screen as the iphone. Cypress Semiconductor is the designer of the multi-touch screen on the Palm Pre, they have been making touch screens for years.
    The Palm Pre uses Projected Capacitive,
    This method senses finger position on a sensor from the electric field projected through a substrate. It is typically implemented with one or more patterned ITO layers, applied to one or more transparent substrates. Projected capacitive is very durable, because users touch the top of a glass or plastic substrate, while the ITO layers are protected below. Coordinates are calculated from measuring signals off patterned ITO with a deterministic position. This makes projected sensing more accurate and repeatable than other capacitive sensing methods. Projected capacitive controllers generally require more sensing input pins for larger screens. In practical terms, they are limited to approximately a 10” diagonal screen for single chip solutions. Alternative solutions using multiple controller ICs or unique ITO patterning are also possible.
    The iphone uses plain o'l Capacitive,
    Which is coated with a material, typically indium tin oxide, that conducts a continuous electrical current across the sensor.[4][5] The sensor therefore exhibits a precisely controlled field of stored electrons in both the horizontal and vertical axes - it achieves capacitance.
    Projected Capacitance is more accurate!
  • @Informed: that does not mean Palm did not steal the gestures Apple uses for multi-touch, unless Palm had been using these gestures for years. Wait a sec, they haven't!!!
  • btw, I did some research and all the resources I came across were saying that because the iPhone is using Projected Capacitive, different multi-touch screen manufacturers such as Synaptics started producing Projected Capacitive screens for other phone manufacturers to compete with Apple. Before the iPhone was released, Synapics and other manufacturers were recommending Resistive Capacitive (or what you call plain o'l Capacitive).
    Please provide a source to support your claims that the Pre uses "better" multi-touch screen than the iPhone.
  • Sorry for triple posting (there is no edit), but this keeps getting better and better.
    I did find your source: Palm WebOS Blog? really? so much for an honest "homework". Besides, even the that blog posting, they did not mention the iPhone. All they claimed is that the Pre uses technology "best in class".
    Therefore, I wish... I wish, people who come here posting pretending to have a clue to actually show some respect for the article writers because they do know what they are talking about.
    So much for your "credibility".
    btw, any1 want to check the source, it's here:
  • iphone will use Proj Capacitance
  • If apple sues over this I will NEVER buy anything that's made by apple ever again. Multi-touch should not be able to be patented, thats just ridiculous. I had the iphone for a while and it had the potential to be a great phone, but apple is too lazy to make the changes that would actually make it a "smart" phone. All the little crap that it can't do that 5+ year old phones can do is ridiculous. And not being able to remove the battery is its biggest fault, idk about you guys but i like my phone to last more than 4 hours. So now apple is just going to sue it's competition to remain the dominant touch screen phone. If they haven't patented touch screen they might as well, because touchscreen phones are absolute garbage without multi-touch.
  • I gotta say, while I like my iPhone and all that, how can apple sue palm given the iPhone looks exactly like fricken 10 year old palm OS (Garnet, that is) with better res and transitions?seriously.
    I like the interface but it sure did borrow a lot from other sources, to say the least. And borrow is a kind word.
  • Sheep...kidding...kind of.
  • about time for mighty APPLE to rift the benefits of their hardwork and investment. Hope this will give some iclonic companies pause to think their strategy to compete with the JESUS PHONE. Back to the drawing board PALM. CONGRATULATIONS TO APPLE AND THEIR DEDICATED HARDWORKING TEAM.
  • @M. Elwan
    Credibility?! You're saying I am disrespecting the writers when there is zero objectivity and a BIAS in their article? Please! You found Palm webOS good for you, what is your argument? In that Blog you should have learned that the iphone and the Pre DO-NOT use the same screen.
    I want to make a correction, the Palm Pre uses True-Touch Capacitive multi-touch
    Also, since you're implying Palm "stole" gestures from the iphone, let's see the evidence you have!
    Here are patents that were given before Apple, just to name a few:
    US Patent 6492979 - Dual sensor touchscreen utilizing projective-capacitive and force touch Issued on December 10, 2002
    US Patent 6297811 - Projective capacitive touchscreen Issued on October 2, 2001
  • Lets stop arguing guys. Let the court decides the case. I guess, Ex Apple guys brought the technogy to Palm.
  • @ Steve Jobs: thanx for sharing that article. It's dated back to Jun 6th and it says the Nano G4 will use that screen as well. So, the "upcoming iPhone" is indeed the iPhone 3G (since the 3G wasn't out till Jun 11th if I remember correctly).
    @ Informed: TrueTouch is a form of Projected Capacitive, not a whole new technology. The only difference is that TrueTouch is optimized for specific screen size that the Pre uses. If you check the comparison chart on WebOS's blog, you will see that the Projected Capacitive is listed as the ultimate quality.
    My argument remains valid regarding the patents you posted; these patents represent the technical side (same argument in your original post). They do NOT address the multi-touch gestures such as pinching (for zooming) and many more.
  • @M. Elwan
    I am well aware the Pre uses TrueTouch Projective Capacitive, my point is the iphone does not. You saying the Pre is using an "optimized" version of TrueTouch makes no sense, last I checked the Pre's touch screen has not been designed before. As for the patents, if you check you will see that a dual sensor basically means multi-touch. As for pinch/zoom, once this is challenge in the courts Apples so-called patent will be thrown out. It is much easier filing for a patent, defending it is much-much tougher. If Apple chooses to sue Palm or whom ever else this will drag on for years, in the mean time the Pre will get free publicity/advertisement.
  • My point regarding optimization was taken from your source, WebOS's blog: "Palm Pre will most likely use the Cypress’ TrueTouch Touchscreen Solution CY8CTMG110-32LTXI which is a capacitive touchscreen controller optimised for screens up to 4.3 inches in size." And then it goes on saying how the Projected Capacitive is superior when compared to Resistive and Surface. My point is that the iPhone uses Projected which is among the best in it's class. You were claiming it uses "Plain o'l capacitive", remember?
  • Your point about the geek etnnrtaiement value of this story is what stands out to me. I was more interested in the next development of this story than anything I might have missed on TV in the last three days.
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  • Either case, you have to admit the patent Apple was granted does not cover Cypress Semiconductor multi-touch/pinch/zoom technology. Although the ideas in the Palm Pre and the iphones multi-touch may have some similarities the technologies do not have the same design. TV manufacturers tried unsuccessfully to make the argument one was stealing from the other, if thee original TV manufacturer had been successful we would all be using/buying the same TV-Set. Same holds true for most electronics.
  • Good good, I can buy ahneotr unused 3GS for 100 pounds or so (got a 32gb when the 4S was announced!) . There are plenty out there and the more obsolete' the warehouses think they are the better.
  • Only time will tell. They will battle it in court and we shall see.
  • :twisted: Palm must die!
  • Palm must LIVE if there is to be any modicum of competition in the market!
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