AppleInsider has come across an interesting patent from Apple, titled "Keystroke Tactility Arrangement on a Smooth Touch Surface that details a multi-touch tactile keyboard for an iTablet-like device:

"The articulating frame may provide key edge ridges that define the boundaries of the key regions or may provide tactile feedback mechanisms within the key regions. The articulating frame may also be configured to cause concave depressions similar to mechanical key caps in the surface."

"Preferably, each key edge comprises one to four distinct bars or Braille-like dots. When constructed in conjunction with a capacitive multi-touch surface, the key edge ridges should separated to accommodate the routing of the drive electrodes, which may take the form of rows, columns, or other configurations."

"Specifically, the recognition software commands lowering of the frame when lateral sliding gestures or mouse clicking activity chords are detected on the surface."

Another candidate for the rumored "surprising" tablet interaction method?