Apple launches brand new Beats Pill speaker: Here are 7 things you need to know about it

Beats Pill
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It's been a long time since Apple discontinued the Beats Pill — we've been without a Beats-branded Bluetooth speaker since 2022, when Apple pulled the Pill Plus from shelves. Now, the pellet-shaped speaker is returning, and, as you might have already guessed, it looks an awful lot like the Beats Pill that came before, only, like, new.

You can buy the speaker from the Beats website now, where it will set you back $149. It's available in Matte Black, Statement Red, and Champagne Gold.

There are some new features to be excited about here, however, and we've poured over the product specs to give you an idea of what you can expect from the newest audio kit from Beats.

1. There's a USB-C port

Yes, ok, this should come as no surprise in 2024, but the new Beats Pill speaker is going to feature a USB-C port on the back that you use to charge it. The last Beats Pill speaker, the Beats Pill Plus, charged over Lighting though, so this change is certainly a welcome one. It brings it in line with the rest of the current Beats line as well, so you only need one cable if you take your Beats Studio Pro out and about with your new Beats Pill.

2. Improved battery life

This new Beats Pill looks to have some pretty decent staying power, with the product page telling us that its going to last 24 hours. That will likely depend on the volume level of the speaker (we can't imagine Apple tested the battery life at full whack, unfortunately), but that means it will give you plenty of playback time for those all important tune-dependant meetups with your mates.

3. It'll survive a desert and a pool party

The speaker has IP67 dust and water resistence, so it won't be damaged if you accidentally drop it in the pool. (Or if it falls into your show/bath. Don't pretend. We all do it. Everyone.) There's a cover for the charging and ports on the back so that they don't get gunged up by muck as well, helping that dust and water resistance rating. 

4. It has a lanyard

If you're anything like us, you've been following the rumors and glimpses of the new Beats Pill since we first saw Lebron James hanging one from his finger coming out of practice. Since then, we've seen other sports people holding one by a lanyard — and now it's confirmed. You can hang the newest Beats Pill with a lanyard. Nice.

Beats Pill 2024

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5. There's lossless audio

This is a cool one for audio nerds out there — hook the new Beats Pill up to your best MacBook or iPhone, and it will pump out lossless audio from your device. That will make some difference to sound quality, although its not going to be earth-shattering. "Why can't I do it over Bluetooth?!" I hear you cry: And there's a simple answer. Lossless audio needs more data streaming, and Bluetooth isn't capable of holding the signal. Sad. Not sad — the Beats Pill, its USB-C data port, and lossless audio.

6. It's going to work with Android too

Ok, so an audio product released in 2024 should always work with Android as well as Apple, but it's never truly a given. The Beats Pill will feature one-touch pairing with both Apple and Android devices, as well as Find My and Find My Device. 

7. There's revised sonic architecture

There are some epic images of the inside of the new Pill on the product page, and they show the audio goodies that reside within the speaker. Apparently, the new bass woofer provides "deeper fuller bass", and shifts 90% more air compared to Beats Pill Plus. That's a lot of air, and likely, a lot of bass.

It's all about being loud, apparently, so expect some big sound from the speaker. Whether it's one of the best Bluetooth speakers, however, remains to be seen — but we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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  • st3v3
    I know it features speakerphone ability over Bluetooth, but does the microphone work when attached via USB-C to a computer?