The most popular thing on Apple TV Plus this week wasn’t Ted Lasso

Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso
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Ted Lasso is one of the most popular Apple TV Plus shows yet, and it has been instrumental in propelling Apple TV Plus into the mainstream. The show is saying goodbye now, with its third and final season currently on air. While it has been generating quite the buzz, it wasn't the most popular thing on Apple TV Plus this week.

According to Reelgood's latest weekly top ten streaming list for this week, Ted Lasso didn't get the top spot for Apple TV Plus productions. It did manage to land a stop in the top 10 overall most-watched on streaming worldwide, though, and the second for Apple TV Plus, beaten by Tetris.

Tetris the most watched on Apple TV Plus this week, Ted Lasso comes second

Reelgood's top 10 most watched placed Tetris on the number three spot worldwide, beaten by Netflix's top shows this week. Ted Lasso has been having a good run, with rave reviews from fans and critics alike following each episode, but Tetris seems to have temporarily taken the crown.

The film stars Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Rocketman) as Henk Rogers, following the story of the video game Tetris and how it came to be as popular as it is. Make no mistake, though. Ted Lasso is still very, very popular and the most popular Apple TV Plus show, but Tetris is having its moment in the sun right now as Ted Lasso hits mid-season.

Reelgood's listing also shows Ted Lasso falling behind some other heavy hitters, including HBO's Succession, which is also in its final run. Regardless, having Tetris and Ted Lasso in the top ten means better awards potential for Apple TV Plus come season. 

Ted Lasso and Tetris (and Shrinking and Trying) are streaming now on Apple TV Plus, which is available across nearly all major platforms, including, of course, the best Apple TV boxes. 

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