Natalie Portman could be joining the cast of Aaron Sorkin's biopic of Steve Jobs

The potential cast of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin continues to expand. Today, a new report claims that Natalie Portman is in talks to join the film, which will now be produced by Universal after Sony put the movie in turnaround last week.

While Portman's role in the film was not noted by Deadline's story, it did say it was a "major" one. In a recent interview, Sorkin did state that Jobs' daughter Lisa spoke with him as part of his research and added, "She is the heroine of the movie." It's more than possible that this would be the role Portman would be portraying in the film.

Michael Fassbender is supposed to play Jobs and Danny Boyle is set to direct the biopic. There's no word yet on when production will begin on the film.

Source: Deadline

John Callaham

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