New Apple Store in Adelaide, Australia looking fantastic ahead of the grand opening!

Excitement is building in Adelaide, Australia ahead of this Saturday's opening of their first Apple Store, and judging by these photos the store is looking fantastic! iMore forums member mglivesey kindly sent us some photographs of the completed store as he eagerly awaits the big day.

The interior is as we've come to know and love from an Apple Store; rows of tables adorned with the products, very clean, minimal styling. And, as mglivesey points out, that is a guard that's been hired to keep watch, and he had to snap the photos quickly while he wasn't looking!

The first 1000 people through the doors after the 10am opening are set to get the now traditional commemorative t-shirts. So, to all our Australian friends, will you be joining mglivesey at the grand opening of the Adelaide Apple Store this Saturday? Shout out in the comments, and enjoy the rest of the photos while you're waiting! And if you grab any shots of the grand opening, be sure to share them with us too!


Thanks mglivesey for the photos!

Richard Devine

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