New drone video shows progress on Apple Campus 2 construction

Apple's Campus 2 construction has been well underway for a while, and a new video from drone pilot Duncan Sinfield shows just how far progress has come. Sinfield's uses comparison shots from his last video, recorded on August 1, to show that the underground parking garage is coming along nicely, while the rooftop on the west parking lot is nearing completion. Also shown off in the video is the progress of the auditorium and research facilities.

Along with comparison shots from his last video, Sinfield has added audio Steve Jobs' comments on the building when he unveiled Apple's original plans, giving us a blow-by-blow of each portion of the campus as the drone makes its rounds.

Apple's Campus 2 is set to be completed by the end of 2016, at which point it will become the workspace for 12,000 employees and cover a gargantuan 2.8 million square feet.

SourceL Duncan Sinfield (YouTube); Via: MacRumors

Dan Thorp-Lancaster