NSNorth is stacked and this is your last chance to get tickets!

NSNorth is where people who love iOS, the Mac, and developing, and designing for them all come together over poutine to share stories, expertise, and community. This year, it's in my home town of Montreal and I'll be speaking. But so will a lot of smarter people:

  • Ken Kocienda - Keynote: "Elements, Molecules, and Alchemy: An Insider's Story of Building the iPhone"
  • Kate O'Neill - Keynote: "Tech Humanist: Building the Meaningful Human Experiences of the Future"
  • Daniel Steinberg: "The Best Move on the Board"
  • Matt Bischoff: "Growing Pains: How Getting Bigger Can Hurt and What to Do About It"
  • Ish ShaBazz: "Subscriptions - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"
  • James Thomson: "An Illustrated History of Easter Eggs"
  • Leena Mansour: "VoiceOver on"
  • Gui Rambo: "Ship it Safe"
  • Namrata Bandekar: "So you want to build an ARKit app"
  • Alaina Kafkes: "A11y-oop: Adding New Accessibility Features to Not-So-New Apps"

If you've got a boss to convince, they've got a handy PDF to help!

It's going to be a great time in a great city with a lot of great people, but act fast because tickets won't be available long.

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Rene Ritchie

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