As TiPb anticipated, Apple today announced that the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) Keynote will be given by their Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing and other executives. In other words:

You. Get. Schiller. If Aaron Sorkin wrote the cliffhanger leading up to this year's WWDC keynote, that's the dialog a still-on-leave Steve Jobs would have just spit at the heavens from deep within the empty Times Square Apple Flagship "cathedral".

Phil Schiller did an affable job of keynoting Apple's final Macworld appearance back in January, but with everyone and their rumor blogs pretty much convinced we'll see the next-generation iPhone again take center stage, will expectations be impossibly high?

How badly do we want to see Phil Schiller pull something from his jean pocket?

The other iPhone-related executives, we guess, would include Scott Forstall for iPhone software, perhaps alongside Greg Joswiak from marketing. No doubt Bertrand Serlet, no stranger to WWDC, will be there for the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard portion.

(Steve Jobs is still said to be returning from his leave of absence at the end of June)

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