An open air Apple Store is how you renovate with no place to move

While Apple's retail store at the Glattzentrum Mall in Wallisellen, Switzerland is undergoing renovations, the company has set up an open-air shopping experience in the middle of the mall. The result is like an Apple store meets mall kiosk that would allow Apple to maintain its retail presence while updating its existing store.

Smaller than a typical retail store, the layout is very similar and provides a similar look and feel with demo tables and wall space for accessories.

Employees are said to be unsure how long the remodel of the current store will take place, but at least this way when Apple launches new products this fall, customers will have an opportunity to head to Apple to pick up their beloved toys without much disruption.

If this temporary concept proves successful, would you want Apple to open more of these kiosk-like experiences in your mall?

Source: MacNN; via TUAW

Chuong H Nguyen