Opera centered on Steve Jobs to debut in 2017

We've already seen a number of productions chronicling the life of Steve Jobs since the late Apple cofounder's death in 2011, and now you can add an opera to that list. The Santa Fe Opera is planning to premier a new production titled "The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs" in 2017. From the Los Angeles Times:

The piece will explore Jobs' complicated professional and personal lives. It will include characters based on Jobs' father, Paul, and his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. The opera will also delve into the touchy area of his relationship with a woman whose child he initially disowned.

The opera is being headed up by composer Mason Bates and librettist (writer) Mark Campbell. However, before the opera premiers in 2017, two more Steve Jobs-related projects are set to land in theaters. The Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic, titled "Steve Jobs," will debut on October 9, while a film titled "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine" will land on September 4.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Dan Thorp-Lancaster