OSMC brings Wi-Fi back to life on the original Apple TV

If you're using OSMC Kodi on your first-gen Apple TV then the April update (yes, it is May) is potentially of interest to you. Assuming you still have the original Wi-Fi card inside, you'll now be able to use it!

One of the many great things about OSMC is its active development cycle providing frequent updates. The April update contains a bunch of fixes and some new features not applicable to the Apple TV build, but the Wi-Fi card is a pretty big deal.

As we noted in our guide on installing Kodi on the original Apple TV, wiping the Apple software also kills the wireless networking. If you ripped out your old wireless card for a Crystal HD decoder, this update won't help you, but if it's still in there or you haven't yet flashed OSMC, you're in luck.

There are benefits to changing out the card for a HD decoder, but you might be happier not needing to use Ethernet. Either way, the original Apple TV continues to be useful in 2017. Check out the full changelog at the link below.

OSMC April update full changelog

Richard Devine

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