Be part of the unofficial Steve Jobs biopic, Craigslist ad seeks cast members

Rich King Casting has placed an ad on Craigslist seeking cast members for the upcoming unofficial Steve Jobs biopic. The movie which stars Ashton Kutcher, officially titled jOBS will start filming next week and needs cast members that look like they are from the seventies.

Filming a movie in Silicon Valley / Palo Alto based on Steven Jobs. Works the week of June 4th - 8th. Film takes place in the 70'sLooking for the 70's look – longish hair, sideburns etc. Also looking for People who have 1965 to 1973's cars. There is Pay when working and meals included.

jOBS is the unofficial Steve Jobs biopic being produced by Mark Hulme and Five Star Pictures and directed by Joshua Michael Stern of Swing Vote and Neverwas. The film will chronicle the 30 most defining years of Steve Job's life, all as seen through his colleagues and friends lives.

So there you have it, if you have long hair and equally long sideburns or have a car from the 70’s and fancy getting involved, you can contact the casting company via the ad on Craigslist. Don’t expect a huge movie star pay off, the cast positions only come with the minimum wage.

Source: Craigslist via Cult of Mac


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