Patent Troll Watch: Apple Sued over GSM

Apple (along with Palm, RIM, and the usual suspects) are all being sued by litigation happy patent-portfolio'er, WiAV Solutions, about whom Engadget Mobile says:

The company that doesn't make anything or even have a web site, but files so many patent lawsuits that some companies have taken to pre-emptively filing suits for declaratory judgment against it.

Must be something super-non-obvious, remarkably novel, spankingly applicable, and about which there couldn't possibly be any prior "art", right? Turns out not so much:

Detecting the difference between silence and voices, mobile device power management, and altering music to accommodate voices.

Congratulations on officially joining my all-time favorite patent suits like "tabs in a GUI", "display of a URL adjacent to window displaying contents of URL", and "transfer of file over network". But wait, could it get any more ludicrous? You betcha! Not only is WiAV suing, but it sounds like its forcibly asking the court to join its licensor, Mindspeed, into the suit as well.

Good luck with that.

Rene Ritchie

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