Paul Thurrot: Tiny Lenovo "kills anything Apple could possibly announce later this month"

Windows pundit and iPhone user Paul Thurrott, on the prospects of an an Apple iTablet, after a briefing with Lenovo:

I spent about an hour and a half meeting with [Lenovo] this morning and while I am charitably described as a ThinkPad fanboy, the truth is, they just make the best notebooks on earth. And now they’re getting even better. It’s dizzying. I posted a bit about this yesterday, but there is so much going on here. In fact, their near-final version of a tiny notebook with a breakaway tablet screen absolutely kills anything Apple could possibly announce later this month. It’s not even close.

Daring Fireball's spot-on reaction:

Um, OK

If it's being shown at CES, I'll try to stop by and get a second opinion ;)

Rene Ritchie

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  • G@y oh and first
  • How dare you defy the iGods!!!! You hereby are banished from the Apple Wonderland...FOREVER!!!!11!!!!!
  • It's better than something he hasn't even seen yet?
    At least he's right about thinkpads. Best non-Apple laptop I've ever used.
  • Although Lenovo makes exceptional notebooks (I have a T61 myself), you cannot say what they have in the pipeline is better than what Apple has instore. Why? No one knows what Apple has in the pipeline and judging by the last 3 years in history (iMac, iPod & iPhone), it is not hard to predict how popular the next thing from Apple will be. This then is not an article, but a biased opinion.
  • Eww like GAY! Lol!
  • EEEWWW Like G@Y LOL hahahaha!!
  • I think thinkpads are AWFUL. Sorry :/
    And ... this guy is off his rocker. Totally delusional.
  • Panty waste, itablet will own as well as the 4th gen iPhone hands down!
  • For a technology reporter to say product A "kills" product B when he's only previewed one for a hour and a half and has no idea about the other makes him have no creditability whatsoever.
    In fact, he made himself look like an ass.
  • @Chris
    Perfectly said my friend.
  • that's awsome! ps click on my name;)
  • Ya it's apple, no one can kill the products that have been out for years by them let alone one no one has seen yet. Dumb dumb.
  • @chris - Not unlike the many who have annointed the iSlate as the be all end all based on rumors. It goes both ways.
  • Chris - Thurott has no limits to saying precisely that kind of stupid crap. That's why the people outside of Redmond think he has zero credibility whatsoever.
    I can't believe people listen to this hack.
  • Dang Joe that's nasty
  • I bought a used thinkpad from a pawn shop back in 04, battery was pretty worn out, everything worked well on it. I dragged that thing through Europe for 9 months, beat the hell out of it. The thing still works to this day, only the power cable died. They are great laptops.
    A breakaway screen sounds interesting. Wouldn't serve my needs but for some it will.
    Bring on the itablet!!
    To Joe, Why?...........Nasty is an understatement!
  • This guys a complete clown, to make a assumption like that without even seeing what Apple has in store is just retarded. If he wants to be taken seriously a "journalist" he better think before he opens his mouth next time. My bet is he'll be gob-smacked come Jan 27.
  • @Joe you need some help! But hey, whatever gets you off mate. Lol.
  • Looking over the CES coverage so far, Lenovo's new lineup is definitely the story with the most interest associated with it. The new computers mostly show that Lenovo is innovating rather than just putting out the same old designs. I don't have a Thinkpad, but a lot of people swear by them.
  • Thinkpads suck. Good for nothing but boat anchors.
  • Whatever I purchase has to have Apple's OS, it is a deal breaker for me.
  • Agree ThinkPads best non-Apple laptop, think the Lenovo product he saw sounds great, think he just said that BS to get attention. What a boob.
  • A new Len...o....v...zzzzzzzzzz.
  • Look up whore in the dictionary... catch my drift.
  • Not even close to something which is not known ?
    what a moron
  • "a tiny notebook with a breakaway tablet screen"
    Sounds an awful lot like the Compaq Concerto, which was then succeeded by the Compaq TC1000 and in turn refined into the HP TC1100.
    There's also the Always Innovating TouchBook and this one netbook modded to also have an independent slate tablet in the screen lid portion, but those aren't quite full Tablet PCs.