A photographic look inside Apple's Cupertino headquarters

Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters might as well be the moon when it comes to technology. It's managed to become so famous yet remain so mysterious that while almost everyone knows of it, few have actually set foot inside it. Apple Gazette has done a great job compiling photographs that offer a glimpse inside Apple's real walled garden, beyond even the Company Store and Cafe Mac. There's something for every Apple fan, from the wood, glass, and metal you might expect, to the pixel-art signage on the bathrooms you might not, to a fantastic shot of Tony Fadell, Jon Rubinstein, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, and Phil Schiller in the meeting room.

Check it out via the link below and if you've ever visited 1 Infinite Loop, share your photos in our forum!

Source: Apple Gazette; image via Daniel Brusilovsky

Rene Ritchie

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