Pioneer adding Apple CarPlay to existing in-dash hardware

Pioneer has confirmed that they’ll have a selection of CarPlay-friendly aftermarket dash systems available this summer thanks to an upcoming firmware update. The five receivers due to get that update are the AVIC-8000NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-5000NEX and AVH-4000NEX. The update will enable hands-free call handling, Siri commands, media playback, GPS directions, and all of the other good stuff CarPlay is built for.

Pioneer was already pretty open about working on CarPlay-compatible aftermarket dash systems, and it’s great to see they followed through. Of course, Pioneer isn’t alone; Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo were some of the program’s earlier partners, and without a doubt there are many more to come.

How many of you are going to get a CarPlay dash system? Will you wait until you get a new car, or try an aftermarket solution like Pioneer’s?

Source: Pioneer

Simon Sage

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