Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor is live! Here's how to grab it

Pokemon Isle Of Armor
Pokemon Isle Of Armor (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

What you need to know

  • The Isle of Armor DLC is now available for Pokémon Sword and Shield.
  • The game became available during today's Pokémon Direct.
  • The Isle of Armor DLC includes old Pokémon returning and new legendaries to catch and train.

Pokémon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC is now available for download. The update is rolling out across the world for those that have purchased the mainline game's first ever paid DLC. The Isle of Armor brings old Pokémon from previous generations into Sword and Shield as catchable Pokémon and adds some new legendaries. Additionally, the Isle of Armor has a new story to play through.

The update should roll out automatically, but you can also prompt it to show up. Here's how:

  1. Close Pokémon Sword or Shield on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Press the + button to open options.
  3. Select Update.
  4. Select Via the Internet.

This should start the download process of the Isle of Armor expansion. Once you download the Isle of Armor DLC, you'll receive an Armor Pass when you open the game. This allows you to go to Wedgehurst Station and go to the Isle of Armor.

If you haven't purchased the Isle of Armor DLC yet, you can do so through the Nintendo eShop. If you open Pokémon Sword or Shield and don't have the update, the game will show a prompt to purchase the update. Remember to purchase the correct version. If you purchase the wrong version, not only will it not work, you won't be able to get a refund.

Sean Endicott