Pokémon Go Adventure Sync: Nearby feature now live

What you need to know

  • The Adventure Sync: Nearby feature is now live for all in Pokémon Go.
  • It's designed to tell you when Pokémon you haven't caught are close at hand.
  • You can toggle it on or off in the settings menu.

Adventure Sync has proven to be a pretty sweet addition to Pokémon Go since it gives you credit for all the walking you do while not staring at your phone, but now it can do something else as well. The Adventure Sync: Nearby feature is now live for players worldwide following its test in Australia and New Zealand.

Also known as Adventure Sync 2.0 or Adventure Sync v2, the Nearby functionality lets you know when Pokémon are nearby by sending you a push notification. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you can toggle it on under the Push Notifications portion of the Settings menu, right under Adventure Sync: Walking.

To answer a question that's probably bubbling to the front of your brain right now, Adventure Sync: Nearby doesn't send you a notification for every Pokémon to spawn in your vicinity, or it would be pinging you constantly. Instead, it's intended to let you know that a Pokémon you haven't caught is close, hypothetically encouraging you to open up the game and rectifying that.

For beginners, this is obviously helpful. And for you veterans scoffing that you've hardly any blank entries in your Pokédex, remember that a new generation is on its way to the game in mid-September. Just saying.

Nick Tylwalk