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Ash and Pikachu go way back, so far back in fact that Ash's Pikachu has been a trusty companion through every Pokémon region. To show off Ash and Pikachu's special bond, you can get a Pikachu wearing Ash's hat from every region in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To get all eight of Ash's Pikachu, just enter codes that will be released over time. Note: Codes for all eight versions of Ash's Pikachu are only good until Nov. 30, 2020. You have to use the codes before that date, or you'll miss out.

Codes for all Ash's Pikachu variants

Here are the Mystery Gift Pikachu codes currently available. We'll update this list as more Pikachu become available:

  • P1KACHUGET (Original Cap) — This code unlocks a Pikachu in the original cap from the first season of the Pokémon anime.
  • 1CH00SEY0U (Partner Cap) — This unlocks a Pikachu wearing the same hat as the one Ash wears in Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!
  • P1KAADVANCE (Hoenn Cap) — Unlock a Pikachu wearing the red, black, and green hat Ash wore in the Hoenn region.
  • V0LTTACKLEP1KA (Sinnoh Cap) — You'll get a Pikachu wearing the same hat Ash wore in the Sinnoh region.
  • P1KABESTW1SH (Unova Cap) — This Pikachu sports a red and white cap with a blue Poké Ball symbol.
  • KAL0SP1KA (Kalos Cap) — With this code, you receive a Pikachu with a cap from Kalos, which included one of Ash's most powerful teams.
  • ULTRAP1KA (Alola Cap) — You'll receive a Pikachu wearing a hat from the tropical Alola region with this code.
  • K1NP1KA1855 (World Cap) — This code will get you the final Ash Cap Pikachu, the one with the World Cap.

How to redeem a Mystery Gift

Here's how to grab a Pikachu through Mystery Gift.

  1. Press X in Pokémon Sword or Shield to open the menu.

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  2. Select Mystery Gift.

    Mystery GiftSource: iMore

  3. Select Get a Mystery Gift.

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  4. Select Get with Code/Password.

    Mystery GiftSource: iMore

  5. Enter the code for the Pikachu you'd like to receive.
  6. Press OK.

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