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What you need to know

  • Pokémon Unite is a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena game being released on Nintendo Switch and mobile.
  • A closed beta was recently begun for players 16 years or older in Canada on Android devices.
  • Beta testers have begun to leak information online, without authorization.

Pokémon Unite is The Pokémon Company's answer to the MOBA genre, where players can use Pokémon in strategic battles consisting of two teams of five players. The beta recently released in Canada, for interested players with Android devices. There is no set release date for the game's debut on Nintendo Switch.

Some beta testers have been breaking the rules of their agreement with The Pokémon Company by sharing game footage online, showcasing gameplay of Greninja, Cinderace and Garchomp. In the original announcement for the Canadian beta test, The Pokémon Company explicitly stated that no capture or streaming of gameplay was allowed. Many of the videos have since been taken down, though some remain at the time of writing.

Media outlets such as Eurogamer have noted some of the content in the leaked footage outlined some monetization options, including a Battle Pass system commonly seen in free-to-start games. This Battle Pass, like many other of its kind, allows for players to unlock outfits for their Pokémon.

Pokémon is a hot topic of discussion with the franchise's 25th anniversary having happened recently on February 27th. There were many announcements, such as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes and a new open-world Pokémon game set in the Sinnoh region. Pokémon Sword and Shield, one of the biggest games on the Nintendo Switch, also had its own anniversary content in the form of a singing Pikachu and Max Raids.

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