Calory iPhone AppSource: Funn Media

What you need to know

  • Calory is a popular app for tracking food and water intake.
  • It's received a new update that adds features and improves others.
  • You can now create custom foods and change water intake options.

The popular food tracking app Calory has received a sizeable update, adding support for custom food entries and the ability to customize water options.

The biggest change is the way users can now add their own custom foods and then have them appear when they are searched for, making it easier than ever to make entries. They can also search for whole meals and then add the data from them right into their daily entries without having to do it all manually.

If you are looking for inspiration or want to check how to prepare a French Onion Soup, now it is possible to do that! In the Foods page a new tab "Recipes" is available for that. You can also log the recipe directly or share it with your friends.

Anyone who likes to track their water intake will also be pleased to learn that they can now alter the size of preset portions, making it easier to track that huge water bottle or super tiny cup.

Just like all good updates, this one adds some new icons, too. The update is free, as is the app, and can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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