Powerbeats on iPhoneSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Four new Powerbeats Pro colors are thought to be coming.
  • The new colors aren't yet available in Apple's online store.
  • No other changes are expected.

Apple will soon announce Powerbeats Pro earbuds in four new colors, according to a posting to Chinese social network Weibo.

While Apple hasn't yet announced the new colors or updated the online store, Apple is said to have Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, and Lava Red colors coming soon.

Screenshot Weibo Powerbeats Pro LeakSource: iMore

Powerbeats Pro are currently only available in very subdued, somewhat boring colors. The move to adding more colorful options is something that will likely go down well with customers who want something a little more visually exciting in their ears.

However, as ever, it's difficult to know whether this is legit or not. Leaks have often appeared via Weibo in the past with workers at factories owned by Apple's supply partners spill the beans. If it sounds like I'm hedging here, it's because I am!

Apple currently sells Powerbeats Pro for $249.95 and that isn't expected to change, nor are any changes to the capabilities of the earbuds expected.