President Obama meeting with Steve Jobs

It looks like US President Barack Obama will be meeting with Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs today. Business Insider reports:

"President Obama is flying to the Bay Area from Seattle this afternoon. He's speaking at Google exec Marissa Mayer's house in Palo Alto this evening. Before that, says a source familiar with the details, he will have a one-on-one meeting with Steve Jobs."

We aren't exactly sure what they'll be discussing, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Obama might just have heard what Steve Jobs had to say on Apple's most recent conference call and is now rethinking the Blackberry device he's been using since he won the 2008 presidential election.

Perhaps The President will be reaching out to Jobs in order to see how viable the iPhone would be as an alternative -- and given the number of apps now available in the App Store for his consumption, we don't think it'll be a very challenging pitch for Steve Jobs to manage.

All joking aside, what do you think they'll be talking about during this one-on-one discussion? Let us know in the comments!

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