Problems plague Apple's Mountain Lion up-to-date program

Since yesterday we've been getting a steady stream of comments, forum posts, emails, and tweets regarding problems associated with the redemption of Apple's OS X Mountain Lion up-to-date program. The program is supposed to give recent Mac buyers a free upgrade to Mountain Lion, and comes in the form of redemption codes for the Mac App Store. At first, a lot of them simply didn't work. Today, many of the redeem codes were downloading OS X Mountain Lion server instead of the regular version.

It's bad that that's happening, of course, and annoying for anyone who was hoping to get their Mountain Lion upgrades in a timely fashion. Apple's no doubt aware of it and hopefully correct codes that work properly will be supplied forthwith.

Until then, comments are open. If you're using a redeem code, let us know what's happened so far, and what's happening now.