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Protestors march on Apple campus over labor dispute for contract workers

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson and union leaders led a group of 100 demonstrators onto Apple's Cupertino, California campus in an effort to urge the Mac-maker to implement better conditions for contract workers. In addition to marching at Apple's headquarters, protesters delivered a petition signed by 20,000 people asking for better working conditions for service workers in Silicon Valley.

The protest was reported by the the San Jose Mercury News:

Rallied by United Service Workers West and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, more than 100 people gathered at Apple's Cupertino headquarters to draw attention to the valley's broad use of contract workers, who carry out many tasks on corporate campuses but often make a fraction of what tech workers do. During a brief but lively demonstration, protesters dressed in plastic purple ponchos milled outside in the rain, breaking out frequently into call-and-response chants.

Earlier in the week, Jackson had met privately with Apple CEO Tim Cook in an hour-long meeting.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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