Rare Apple AirTag deal drops the price of each tracker to under $24

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Airtag Review Hero (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

Since their release earlier this year, AirTag deals have been very hard to find with most retailers maintaining their MSRP. Though the trackers aren't particularly expensive, if you want to add a few to different valuable items then the cost can start to stack up quite quickly.

Thankfully, Amazon is giving you the opportunity to grab four AirTag trackers for under $24 apiece right now in one of the very first deals to hit Apple's own Find My devices.

The four-pack is down to $95 there. That might be a relatively small discount on its own, but when you consider that each individual AirTag sells for $29 then this is a great chance to save if you plan on adding more to your collection at some point.

Apple's AirTag works with Apple's Find My network to help you keep track of your valuables and other belongings. Should an item go missing, you'll be able to see its precise location, be it across the country or just between the sofa cushions, which should help you get it back.

AirTag trackers have a roughly 3cm diameter and there are a bunch of AirTag accessories that enable you to attach the trackers to valuables like luggage, keys, wallets, and more without getting in your way. Each AirTag connects to your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices in a similar wireless fashion to AirPods and feature an ultra-wideband chip to make them easy to find with a new feature called Precision Finding.

Once set up and attached to a particular item, you can begin tracking it within Apple's Find My app like you can with your Apple devices and Find My-compatible products from third-parties like VanMoof bikes and Belkin earbuds.

Each AirTag is powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 battery and lasts for roughly a year before it needs to be swapped out. You don't need to worry about water either as each AirTag is IP67-rated for water resistance.

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