Return of the Web Apps?

Is it possible that web apps can return from the dead? It seems to me that the 2.0 firmware pretty much buried the poor web apps six feet under. Even if they are not used nearly as often since we have 3rd party apps along with the App store, it seems as if Apple are quietly tweaking the iPhone for them.

According to a reader over at

One unpublicized feature introduced by Apple's latest iPhone software updates is the ability save Web Apps to the home screen and have them launch in full-screen mode without the Safari wrapper, essentially mimicking the experience of a native app.

The reader also notes that the capability is "only present in Web applications specifically authored to include the full-screen code". Pretty clever trick Apple. But is this enough for you to start using web apps again? Or have you never given up on them even though we have the App Store? We here at TiPb are curious what you think, sound off in the comments! [

Via AppleInsider


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