Revamped Safari for Yosemite shown off at WWDC

At today's WWDC keynote Apple took the wraps off a brand new release of its Safari browser. Designed around the new, simpler, translucent OS X 10.10 Yosemite visual style, the new Safari features a single short toolbar, allowing more space for content, among many other features.

The favorites bar is still present, but hidden by default, and the address bar works similarly to the new Spotlight feature, allowing you to search multiple sources including your bookmarks. It'a also possible to share faster than before, with recent share contacts listed for easy access.

Tabs can be arranged into a new "stack view," with tabs from the same website arranged intelligently. There's also the ability to launch new, separate private browsing windows .

Besides that, Apple also touted performance improvements in the new Safari, boasting that it handles JavaScript 1.25X as fast as Google's Chrome browser.

Alex Dobie