Just how rich is Apple? [Infographic]

We've seen plenty of research showing just how profitable Apple is and how much market share they've claimed in the worlds of smartphones and PCs, but a new infographic really puts Apple's obscene cash flow into perspective. Some of the figures dug up by the creator, a gadget price and feature comparison site called Sortable, are really interesting. For example, Apple has enough money to buy RIM, Nokia, Twitter, Adobe, Netflix, and T-Mobile and still have cash leftover. Apple has also beat Wall Street estimates for 16 out of the last 17 quarters. Many of the other figures are ones that we've seen before, only these are presented all pretty-like.

Here's the infographic (click to enlarge), and just below it is a recent video detailing some of the ridiculous things Apple could do with its cash reserves.

Source: Sortable via Macgasm

Simon Sage

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