Samsung agrees to pay Apple $548 million over patent dispute

Samsung has agreed to settle with Apple to the tune of $548 million. The companies have been locked in a patent battle, which has resulted in Samsung making arrangements with Apple to settle the case and pay up damages. It was alleged that Samsung had infringed on numerous Apple-owned patents that covered the iPhone.

Interestingly, earlier in the year Samsung filed documents with the US court stating the company wished to take the case forward to the Supreme Court with an appeal. This was after the courts closed down and rejected Samsung's appeal to pay Apple damages.

The South Korean company has confirmed with Apple that payment will be sent over within 10 days of receiving an invoice. The company also reserved the right to collect reimbursement if any further developments are made in the case, which Apple has opted to dispute. Nearly five years after Apple originally challenged Samsung, the company will soon receive funds from the case.

It's far from over between these two parties, so we'll have to see what 2016 holds with regards to the patent war in the US.

Source: FOSS Patents

  • Finally Samsung will pay for stealing Apple's designs. Should have been a cool billion. Posted via the iMore App
  • What does it matter to you? Do you think that Apple will drop their prices due to this extra "revenue"?
  • Nah don't agree. I do think Samsung copied apple somewhat with the original Galaxy but not anymore. I do think everyone copies each other. Samsung saw the iPhone and how it shook the mobile phone industry and wanted a short cut so copied the iPhone. That's my opinion anyhow, people will disagree but life would be boring if we all agreed.
  • Look at the Galaxy S6, it looks very iPhone like, the Note 5 not so much. Anyway I'm just glad this dispute is over and Samsung have to pay the piper for it as it has gone on for too long. Posted via the iMore App
  • No it doesn't oh out from a certain angle if you squint a bit. I do agree if they copied they should pay something which looks like they are but a billion is too much.
  • It's a slate design with a screen, a button and an earpiece. Exactly how different do you expect it to look!? It's a bit ridiculous really. Apple has 'borrowed' from other designs. It will continue to do so, just as will Samsung, Nokia and HTC. Unless we start getting circular phones or maybe even triangular, they will all have distinct similarities. Sent from the iMore App
  • Samesung, not surprising. Sent from the iMore App