Samsung doesn't copy Apple

Samsung doesn't copy Apple. Except for in-store iconography. And USB power adapters. And packaging. And dock conne

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Rene Ritchie

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  • WAW !
  • Come on Rene...we covered the store already. That wasn't them [see the other post].
    I covered some of the others in my initial review of the Tab:
    Pretty sad of them to go so far with it.
  • Makes you wonder why Samsung keeps doing it..
  • Same here cardfan. One or two is ok. As Apple zealots say "How many ways can you do notifications without copying?" I feel the same about a lot of these items but still...the voice recorder? Come on.
    The chargers are pretty standard though they could have chosen a rounded rectangle. My Tab charger doesn't look just like the one above. It does have a different shape [slightly] but I was blown away by the 30 pin.
    I draw the line at software though. TouchWiz [at least on my Tab and the S2 I played w/ momentarily] isn't iOS like aside from the icons at the bottom.
    Either way...I'm with @Guest12345. We know what's happened and it gets old seeing it over and over about old stuff.
  • i could understand apple if all those similarities were from one product...but if the pdmi port is from one product and the charger from another etc then this has been looked into too much..also touch wiz 4 is less like ios...they got rid of the ugly coloured boxes that you sit behind the icons and only similarities is that the app drawer moves sideways like the ios home screen...everyone copies everyone,its always been like that but if someone copies apple then its blasphemy...sometimes theres just too much hypocrisy..and people like rene just love to over do it with these articles...i dont think anyone goes on about this whole copying thing then rene
  • Go BRAVES!!!
  • Go BRAVES!!!
  • Look at the marketing material on Samsung's website for Galaxy S II. The shadows and reflections on the phones are identical too. I am willing to bet that someone at Samsung got a good laugh out of trying to copy Apple's mojo. Still don't think Apple should have had their devices banned, however.
  • i give you the in store icons but thats probably just a human error...
    charger seen square usb chargers before
    when you open what do you expect to moto,they do that too
    if there charging port is similar size to the ipads,what do you want them to make a wrong size port or just use more plastic when its not needed...
    i tell you what apple and samsung do have in common...they keep it streamlined and simple thats all...cant no one else make streamlined and simple product really must hate samsung cause they are actual making your special apple scared..what you dreaming about that apple are the only company you were dissapointed that apple could not trademark multi touch just so they could sue everyone then..did you also think it was alright for apple to alter images for the you thought that a rectangle with screen is not a standard requirement for a tablet and should be apple products thats okay...but to live drink and apple is so bloody can fill in the rest yourself
  • You Sir are ignorant. Meaning that you just don't know. Not stupid. You just have no idea. I'm guessing that you're blindness is self imposed because you seem to be happy with it. If you paint a picture and I copy it and stretch it out to be a fraction of an inch longer and sale it as my own should you get money from that sale? It is your work right? Because according to you the fact that i made my copy of your painting longer means that you shouldn't get any money. Even though it is the same painting that you imagined in your mind and brought to life and into reality. I honestly wish that all these companies would agree to stop copying and stop the court proceedings. But this is BUSINESS. Samsung is a band of thieves!
  • OHH, dont worry, the two main features in iOS 5 were totally not from android OS. HAHAHAHA
  • That was a verbal b!tch slap to the face...
  • EXACTLY! Except for EVERYTHING! How long did they really expect to be partners in any kind of business ventures when they clone everything that they see Apple make! Who the hell wants a fake iPod (Galaxy Player)?!
  • You sir are a fucking moron.
    A Galaxy Player is not a "fake" iPod. A fake iPod would be a shitty chinese-made MP3 player with Apple logos all over it.
    That was like saying tissues that are not Kleenex brand are "fake tissues"
  • this is getting old. exactly how many of these useless article do we have to see everyday?
  • I guess as many times as Samsung copies Apple?
  • and how many times has apple copied others. COUNTLESS. moot point.
  • And yet you can't name any patented IP that Apple is using without a license? It's countless so i'm sure it shouldn't take you long..
  • and exactly how many of your post do we have to see everyday? LOL
  • I can see providing FACTS and actual PICTURES and proof is really pissing you Android fanboy's off. The statement "truth hurts" really exists for a reason.
  • Facts lol? Nothing like a little Photoshop to get your facts from.
    And I'm no Android fanboy. Far from it. Would it help if I told you one of my 5 wireless numbers is for an iPhone 4? No matter. We all can see how much truth matters to you.
  • Really? those pictures of the Galaxy Tab Box, and how it was presented inside the box, and the charger are photoshopped?
  • samsung has been doing that for YEARS. and the charger is a stock item. They're not only used by samsung and apple.
  • the only reason apple is around is because they STOLE first. lmao
  • Yeah but Samsung's CEO hasnt quit, bull dozed his house and rebuilt it. See so not the same.
  • Sure it does. Didn't you see the presentation for iOS5???
  • Touche. ;-)
  • I'm an avid Apple fanboy but I sure get tired of seeing articles like this. Somebody call PETA, cause this horse has been beat to death.
  • do you like turtles....i like turtles....especially green ones
  • Haha. Its one thing to imitate. Its another to copy. That's just crazy. Clearly they are trying to be like Apple. Even down to the way they package their products.
  • Really? My HTC Touch a few years ago was packaged like that. How else do you package a phone? Put it in a bag with a bunch of wrapping paper on top and you have to beat a puzzle to get to the phone? Do you want it to come inside of an animal so you have to operate on it to get your phone?
    There is no other way to package things.
  • My Evo 4G came in a carton. LMBO. Funny but sad. lol.
  • My Droid X2 and Droid Charge came in a little cardboard container. Nothing special about them. The Samsung Fascinate my son uses now, which by the way is nothing like an iPhone for those that are blind in this audience, came in a rather large box that you could fit a cake in.
    I'm fairly certain none of these resemble iPhone packaging. Let me check.... -grabs boxes and iPhone 4 case-.... Nope they are all different. Imagine that.
  • "Ours is black. Apple's is white. See? We don't copy."
  • I stopped reading this site because of posts like this, and I stop back for the first time in weeks, and this is the post I see. I pretty much can't stand reading anything Rene writes.
  • So... I suppose you could just...not read it? I'm not sure. That might sound a little harsh. Let me know if that first sentence came off a little strong. It's almost as if the situation calls for a line similar to, "So, why are you still here?" However, I wouldn't want to sound a like a inconsiderate bastard.
    That's just my opinion...
  • Well who asked you to come back to this site and who asked you to comment? Why don't you add something useful to the discussion or is because Apple is right and you have no defense? Since you have brought nothing to the table yet I am going to have to assume you know that Apple is in the right.
  • If samsung copied apple, does that mean apple copied digital photo frames?
  • Booooohooooooo
  • Fuck off fanboy
  • I don't think Apple is the inventor. Samsung is in litigation over copying and they make numerous decisions mimicking Apple products.
    I honestly could care less [matters not; is only a feather in the "mine is better" war] but I wish they hadn't done so w/ all of the current heat on them.
  • They do it so blatently.
  • I came to this post from an Android Central tweet and hate it.
    Also, get on with the program and let us login with Google+
  • is it me or is samsung taking cues from Apple for its commercials now (see below)...the whole "We Are Samsung" and "We Believe In"...
  • lol. Yep. Very eco-friendly though. lol. The Evo 3D package was pretty nice though.
    here the authority on copying and stealing ideas
  • ZING!
    Just sayin'
  • Yeah, it is all about proving their point so they pick the worse possible picks to drive it home then posts like these propagate the images.
    I haven't jumped into launchers yet. I dig Sense and TouchWiz [moving here soon I think].
  • You forgot RIM at the end there!
  • How about the revolutionary Smart Cover by Apple? Add that to the "copy" mix. :-)
    I keep trying to bow out of this convo but I keep getting pulled back in! :-D lmbo. This can go on and on. Apple copies. [read that as "Apple copies...period"].
    Everyone does it...we all just need to live with it and stop trying to live high and mighty like our dog in the fight is better because it has a new/better spike collar or someone else uses a spike collar just like ours. It happens.
  • ... and 99.9% of all of the posters here, who constantly use the term "fanboy", and criticize arguing over phones, are those same people who scream and yell and fight over their sports teams just because they live in the same city or went to the same school. Of course, that's okay.
  • Such in the danger of blind faith in wordly things.
  • Yep.
    I'm not saying they've never shown the drawer [why wouldn't they?] but I haven't seen an overt push to expressly show the drawer as a top feature.
  • No one really knows except the companies themselves so they take it upon themselves to settle it out in the courts the media covers it and you read it as news thats it i guess. wether apple copies sam or vise verse i think its wrong to copy or imitate or iritate or mimick or tail along for the winnings of someone elses works. its not fair someone makes it then your backend shadow is there to track your footsteps i think this is wrong for either of them but technology and the consumer benefit by having more than just one company i just dont think they need to assimilate themselves with a side who is winning. If you want to be different that something you have thats different if you dont then dont copy its sending out a bad signal. i dont know i am commenting from what little i know i know samsung did have and toshiba also did have some technologies like this before im not sure who was first to be totally honest. Whats really funny is samsung makes screens and chips for the apple devices. so now they sue themselves sort of i guess. Crazy.
  • I guess they could be saying hey look were just as good give us a chance.
  • Lol right up until you power it on, then samsungs screen looks better :-) so we got two gt 10.1's to replace the ipads.. Sorry, its not who gets there first, its who can figure out how to do it the best..
  • Nobody trolling here
  • To me its a case of confirmation bias. I mean, Apple's USB connector looks like every other USB I've ever seen. And the voice app - I bet OS/2 Warp's voice app used a microphone motif in 1994. And we've all seen hundreds of software applications that use the gears icon for settings. It ain't original just because Apple uses it.
    Albeit, I'll give them the packaging and power connector. But really, so what? Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And don't tell me about user confusion in the market place - how many people have ever bought a device on how the packaging or power connector look? And not to mention that every washing machine, car, shoes, keyboard, tin of baked beans and a million other consumer products all have the same basic shape.
  • I have a iPod touch, ipad , and a i mac , my choice of phone was the Samsung droid charge . If i had to rate them , I would have to say , apple should start copying Samsung and Android .
    I don't see a tablet messing with the ipad yet , but out of the phones , Samsung is the best phone on the market today. A friend of mine just got the galaxy s2, i don't see how any Apple fan boy could dispute Samsung's throne.
    Its clear to me why Apple wants to keep taking shots at Samsung in court, and its not because of no box and charger, that's one big smoke screen
  • ...and Samsung is still the better product ;)
  • Apple started using their Dock Connector in 2003 with the 3rd gen iPod.
    When was PDMI developed? The first work was in 2007... with the PDMI specification finalized in 2010
  • I never said anything about Samsung creating the PDMI adapter.
    Whoever created the PDMI connector was certainly inspired by Apple's 2003 Dock Connector.
    It's a little uncanny, huh.
  • I never mentioned laptop keyboards at all...
  • It is so obvious that Apple is copy Samsung in everyway... fools. That's why I would never go for Apple products
  • Hahaha :D stupidest post i've seen today, and it's quite an accomplishment :D
  • Everyone wants to be like apple and everyone who doesnt own one wants to be a douche about it! Just cause you can't time a bite from the big apple doesn't mean you should make a softer apple for you to chew! Be innovative and make your own shit, and for the trolls stfu go play with your rinky dinky droids your product are below blackberry in the buyers market! Woman lie men lie numbers don't !
  • Amen... Between Rene and Gruber, the whole blame everybody Apple is the greatest EVER angle, and some bush league sports commentary is covered.
    Put down the pom poms and look at some of Apple's faults every now and then.
  • Your comment is bush league because you are focusing on who wrote the article. You are on an iPhone blog, what exactly are you looking for?
  • NEWS ABOUT APPLE PRODUCTS! Not Rene's fanboy slobbering.
  • I can see providing FACTS and actual PICTURES and proof is really pissing you Android fanboy's off. The statement "truth hurts" really exists for a reason.
  • splinter stfu
  • I can see providing FACTS and actual PICTURES and proof is really pissing you Android fanboy's off. The statement "truth hurts" really exists for a reason.
  • Agreed again. Between Apple's stupid attempts to ban the competition and some ignorant judge somewhere (and don't even get me started on that idiot from FOSS patents who pretends to be THE expert at US Patent law), it's no wonder the phone carriers, here and abroad are starting to say enough is enough. Their money tree isn't filled with Apple exclusively. In fact, unit sales and total revenue there isn't a one of them that don't make more off the competition than they do Apple.
    It's my prediction that Apple is going to find itself in the very precarious spot they did in the 80's when retailers started dropping their products from their shelves. Don't give me the B.S. argument that they can't afford to not have Apple. People, contrary to what this blog and others like it tell you, aren't lining up every day to buy Apple products. Yes there is excitement over something new but that is the case with everybody. Initial fervor hits and then attention spans go elsewhere.
    How many on this site can attest, and provide proof, that every time Apple puts out a new Mac, iPhone, iPod etc they rush out and immediately buy it cause it's simply, "The greatest advancement in technology in all of human history!"????? If you have the finances to do that I congratulate you. Put some of that money wasted into bettering your community and helping those in need. Apple doesn't need it.
  • I can see providing FACTS and actual PICTURES and proof is really pissing you Android fanboy's off. The statement "truth hurts" really exists for a reason.
  • You also conveniently left out Nokia, Motorola, Sony, LG... All of which made phones long before Apple came along, all of which innovated and created things that Apple copied in the original iPhone and all of them since. The smartphone isn't the exclusive domain of Apple.
    And to your point about all of those things predating Android... Nobody said they didn't. But Android did those things before iOS 5 didn't it? Haven't seen any attempt to make good on that from Apple have we?
  • Who cares when any of these phones started using these features? Neither android or apple invented them. So, yes, apple copied these in their iPhone 1 (which was before any android existed), but so has everyone else. As far as features go, every company is in the same boat paying out licensing fees. (unless its part of the batch that apple recently bought) As far as this article goes, it is talking about obvious aesthetic and design copies. It has nothing to do with software. That is a whole different set of rules and is comparing apples to oranges.
  • Youre not 100% right. Last summer I had the samsung fascinate and put it on craigslist to sell. Every person that called me said they wanted it because it looked just like the iPhone which wasn't on Verizon at the time. Samsung knows what it is doing and you are giving the consumer a little bit too much credit.
  • I'm looking at my son's Fascinate right now. Hmmm... Yep I'm sure of it. All those people that called you from Craigslist are stupid.
    Unless of course you worded your sell ad to say something like... "Please buy this Samsung Fascinate from me. It looks and acts just like an iPhone!"
  • The problem is that there should not be a choice. We have laws