Samsung’s latest ad quietly pokes fun at Apple with references to trademark infringements

Samsung has released its latest ad which will also be the ad it will show during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Samsung has a long running ad campaign that tries to make fun of Apple and this one is no different. In the ad, you can see three guys sitting around a table brainstorming ideas for the actual ad. During the conversation the three guys realise that they can’t say certain words without the fear of trademark infringement.

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to pitch their ideas for Samsung's Big Game ad for The Next Big Thing, but they run into some hurdles. Follow #TheNextBigThing on Twitter and see what unfolds at

I suppose I will have to grant Samsung some leeway on this one as it is quite funny in a tongue in cheek sort of way. It also reminds me a bit of the Mac v PC ads that Apple used to produce a few years back. At the end of the day, you need a bit of humor in your life so I have no problem with ads like these.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest ad?

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  • It's a step up from a lot of the junk they've done up until now. Never understood their PR strategy of trying to attract customers by calling them stupid.
  • I don't see the connection to the iPhone but that commercial is absolutely hilarious! I love it.
  • I agree. It seems to me Samsung is making fun of Trademark Law in general. I see no connection with Apple at all. It was hilarious!
  • I liked the ad well enough. It wasn't pointed at Apple in any direct way. I thought they did a good job - especially since there is some truth to it all.
  • Ha, that was fairly funny. I wonder how true any of it is.
  • Don't really see the connection to Apple either. The NFL is the one that doesn't let them use the term Super Bowl or the team names, not apple.
  • The connection to Apple is in terms of the Apple infringement case where they were sued because their devices looked like the iPhone and iPad. So what they are saying is that now they are taking it to the extreme of not using anything that could get them sued for infringement.
  • It's not poking fun at Apple.
  • I like this ad I thought it was funny and the big difference, they are making fun of their competition not the people who choose to use their competition's devices. It's how advertising and competition has always been but attacking, ridiculing the customer that is inexcusable and stupid if you ask me.
  • It seemed to work fine for Apple in the past. I guess being the butt of the joke is not so funny eh?
  • Better call Saul!
  • The Samsung ad is, as others have noted, poking fun at the NFL. The NFL doesn't allow commercials or even media outlets from using the phrase Super Bowl as part of their material. It doesn't even allow media outlets in the host market to use "Super Bowl".
  • I liked it, it was funny but not way over the top. Much better then those commercials Apple has been putting out...Look at our new Iphone 5 it has um a camera....Look at the new Iphone 5 it has a um uh microphone...whats next look at the new Iphone 5 it makes phone calls!
  • ^This!
  • If it's running on AT&T, that would be quite a feat!
  • LMFAO I forgot about that....Look at our Iphone 5 it has a keypad, it sometimes makes phone calls.
  • Great ad. The text pokes fun at the NFL, but the subtext is definitely poking fun at Apple.
  • I'm pretty certain the author is a slow adult. This in no way pokes ANY fun at Apple. Like others have said it's poking fun at the NFL because they will not allow anyone to use the term Super Bowl in any advertisements.
  • Just because he's insecure about his fandom does not mean he is a "slow adult".
  • I wouldn't say he's insecure. Just out of touch and thinks Samsung is always out to get Apple!
  • You, and I, and all the avid Apple followers understand the humor in this commercial. But you can kinda tell that this commercial was conceived -intentionally or not- as an inside joke. It seems like a very inefficient use of Samsung's -albeit massive- advertising budget to produce a skit that only industry watchers would appreciate. I am glad to see that their marketing team is capable of mistakes. Until now they have been masterful in the way they have tried to degrade the iPhone image. The negative advertising campaign was the best they could hope to do. Maybe they received too much flak and decided to tone it down a little. Lets hope that the actual Superbowl commercial is as poorly thought out as this one.
  • These really are getting ridiculous. When your only selling point is making fun of the competition, you've already lost.
  • Like the "Think Different" campaign?
  • Was Apple lost when they did the I'm A Mac ads? They were quite funny and made fun of Windows and Microsoft.
  • Didnt think that one through...
  • Man, Chris read a lot into this one! I see nothing that even resembles a poke at Apple, but rather at the NFL.
  • Or the 1984 ad?
  • I saw a food commercial making fun of Apple since it showed all fruits besides an apple. Then I saw a car commercial making fun of Apple since they were talking about a computer
  • Nice!
  • Err...this has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. The NFL is notoriously for "Protecting the Shield" -- aggressively pursing anything that might encroach on their trademarks. Only the most diehard iMore/AndroidCentral followers -- followers who are outside the USA and/or have not seen the NFL for the past 25 years -- would interpret this as a shot at Samsung, instead of poking fun at the NFL itself.
  • Um, and how does this ad about making an ad reinforce that the Samsung product in question - and which one was that they tried to position in the camera, I'm not really up on their products - something worthy of buying? And, BTW, the ad was amusing, not funny. $3 Million for amusing is a fail. Add to that having to pay Rogan & Rudd.
  • Jesus...who pissed in your Cheerios?
  • I can't stand any of those guys, and they look pretty bad, so Samsung can have them.
  • some body posted Samsung pictures before the iPhone, everything looked like Palm, and other smartphones. After the iPhone release, everything looked like iPhones. I cannot find the picture, but you have to admit there was some design similitary. Exact copy, may be not, but darn close.
  • And there is another post just like it that shows the opposite. Not telling you what side to take, but you cant judge by that type of thing.
  • Man this Apple-Samsung stuff is getting old.
  • I can't believe people would come here who obviously have not been paying attention for the last 3 years would insult the author. Maybe when Apple sues Samsung over this ad you will get it..
  • You've gotta be pretty biased to conclude that this is a poke at Apple. This video is taking a comical stab at the ridiculousness of the NFL's selfishness and greed when it comes to the Super Bowl. Period.