Samsung’s latest ad quietly pokes fun at Apple with references to trademark infringements

Samsung has released its latest ad which will also be the ad it will show during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Samsung has a long running ad campaign that tries to make fun of Apple and this one is no different. In the ad, you can see three guys sitting around a table brainstorming ideas for the actual ad. During the conversation the three guys realise that they can’t say certain words without the fear of trademark infringement.

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to pitch their ideas for Samsung's Big Game ad for The Next Big Thing, but they run into some hurdles. Follow #TheNextBigThing on Twitter and see what unfolds at

I suppose I will have to grant Samsung some leeway on this one as it is quite funny in a tongue in cheek sort of way. It also reminds me a bit of the Mac v PC ads that Apple used to produce a few years back. At the end of the day, you need a bit of humor in your life so I have no problem with ads like these.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest ad?

Source: YouTube


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