SceneKit and CloudKit to offer casual game developers enhanced toolsets

Another tidbit out of WWDC is SceneKit, an extension of the SpriteKit developer framework introduced for casual game developers last year. SceneKit promises to offer similar automated physics to casual games, only for 3D settings. It has its own physics engine, particle system, and supports scripted actions. As before, there are per-pixel physics employed, inverse kinematics, and a new framework called CloudKit to help developers work with server data in an easier way.

CloudKit is free up to 1 PB of of assets, 10 TB database, 5 TB/day for transferring assets, and 50 GB/day for database transfer and scales data allocated based on how many users are on the app. CloudKit can handle iCloud Authentication, asset storage, database storage, search, and notifications for developers. Of course, CloudKit will be able to be used for other apps outside of games, but it's easy to see these tools being used there first.

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Simon Sage

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