Upcoming, unauthorized Apple book speculates that Scott Forstall is next in line as Apple CEO

A forthcoming book, Inside Apple, suggests that the current Senior VP of iOS software Scott Forstall is likely to follow Tim Cook as Apple's CEO. Described previously as a "mini-Steve",  Forstall apparently shares the late Apple co-founder's attention to detail, exacting standards, and ambition.

Shortly before Jobs' passing, COO Tim Cook has been holding the reins of the company, but over the long term, it's arguable that Apple could turn to someone with a combination of technical and presentation skills. Of course, Cook will need a pretty good reason to step down from his spot as CEO to make way for Forstall; if Cook is even half as passionate about Apple as Jobs was, and it took cancer to remove Steve out of the company, Forstall may have a long wait ahead of him.

Source: Fortune

Simon Sage

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