Seas0nPass jailbreak updated for Apple TV 4.3

If you currently jailbreak your Apple TV 2, you may have held off from applying the recent Apple software update to avoid losing your jailbreak. The good news is, Seas0nPass has now been updated to support an untethered jailbreak with the latest iOS 4.3 for Apple Tv 2. Thrown into the update is a new version of fireCore's Media Player which allows you to playback many more media formats with a whole host of options.

The  iOS 4.3 update added a couple off new features for the Apple TV 2 like Vimeo support. It is well worth an update now that this jailbreak is available. Just simply update your Apple TV 2 software to the latest version then jailbreak again using the latest version of Seas0nPass.You can then install aTV Flash (black) Beta6.



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