Second Tim Cook interview with Charlie Rose now ready for streaming

Did you miss Tim Cook's second interview with Charlie Rose where the Apple CEO talked about diversity, privacy, and the collaboration with U2? If you did, or if you just want to re-watch the interview in all its glory, the video has been posted for streaming.

In regards to privacy, Cook says that Apple doesn't have a backdoor to let the government or anyone in. Cook says that Apple isn't in the business of collecting data, and that things are encrypted so that user information is safe. Cook says that Apple's role is to enrich the lives of people, and it's a value that Steve Jobs had instilled into the company.

For diversity, Cook says that Apple is about treating people with dignity.

And what about that U2 deal? Well, the free album that Apple is placing into user's iTunes account is just a way that Apple is giving back to its customers.

What do you think of Cook's interview? Let us know.

Chuong H Nguyen