That guest was Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller. Schiller offered up his thoughts on iPhone storage, the decision to equip the MacBook with a single USB-C port, and more during a lengthy interview in front of the WWDC crowd. Now that video is online, and you can watch it yourself.


If you've read our recap of Gruber's interview with Schiller and you'd like to watch it yourself to hear what the Apple exec told him directly, now you can.

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Schiller spent his time talking about Apple's entry-level iPhones with 16 GB of storage, the new MacBook's focus on wireless communication and how that impacted Apple's decision to equip the device with only a single USB-C port that acts as both peripheral expansion and charging port, and much more.

Source: Daring Fireball

WWDC 2015


WWDC 2015