Back when iOS 7 was unveiled there was no shortage of opinions on its looks to be found around the internet. Some people liked the general look of it and some people felt it was is a bit too much. A mixed bag I guess you could say as was to be expected considering it was quite a turnaround difference from that of iOS 6. But at the time, no one had really gone hands-on with it or had the chance to give it some extended use.

Eventually, it got out to the masses and a lot of folks who hated it now loved it and a loved of folks who thought they'd love it hated it. Again, another mixed bag really, as always. But after a while for the most part people get used to change and it's no longer really an issue. Complaints such as the icons, which you don't hear too much about about these days in the grand scheme of it all, go away and people continue on.

Just changing the wallpaper and seeing the changes on the UI is enough for me.Fausty82, iMore Forums Member

One thing that still seems to come up though, is the the fact of just how white iOS 7 is. Some would even call it blindingly white and I kind of agree with that myself. Interacting with my iPhone in bed at night unless I adjust the display settings tends to blind me. To be fair, there is also a lot of transparency as well so having the right kind of wallpaper and settings can help reduce the level of whiteness but a lot of the interface isn't changeable within the OS.

Once you start moving into the default apps like photos and contacts, there is no wallpaper that is going to help. As we know it, a lot of other operating systems allow for such UI elements to be changed and if there was a jailbreak available for iOS, I have no doubt that a lot of people would be using it.

Yes on a dark theme as long as it makes the icons background dark as well.eve6er69, iMore Forums Member

So with that in mind, I took to the iMore Forums to set up a poll asking if folks would like to see a 'dark theme' of sorts on iOS, right now the poll indicates, a perhaps unsurprising, yes. They want to see a dark theme put in place so I bring the question to you all as well. Is the white too much? If there was a dark theme option to use would you use it or are you fine with the way things are right now? Have your say in the poll by visiting the iMore Forums.