Show your Apple pride with custom Apple-inspired t-shirts is a t-shirt club that zeroes in specifically on Apple fans looking to show off their love for Apple products and their style.

In an e-mail to iMore, A-Shirt founder Cyril Pavillard explained his motivation:

It's a project I recently launched from Peru and mixes my passion for Apple with the goal to create a great quality and sustainable product (amazing cotton, great finishing, fully traceable product) as well as working with small artisans to create a really unique product for Apple fans, from scratch… it's not your usual "industrial" t-shirt, it's A-shirt, a fine t-shirt for Apple addicted fan, build from the ground up.

You get another new A-Shirt every two months. Each shirt includes a QR code you can use to get more information about its production and history.

Two subscription plans are available: A new shirt every two months, or a one-year subscription that includes a welcome package and a "one more thing" surprise in every delivery.

Peter Cohen