Siri Shortcuts makes cleaning a breeze with Neato vacuums

What you need to know

  • Neato Robotics announced its lineup of robot vacuums will support Siri Shortcuts.
  • The intrgation will support four difference actions.
  • Neato said support for Siri Shortcuts is coming this fall.

Neato Robotics on Thursday announced support for Siri Shortcuts, making it easier than ever to clean your home.

With the new integration, Apple owners will be able to instruct Neato's portfolio of vacuums to clean in designated zones and even stay away from "No-Go Lines."

Neato says Siri Shortcuts will support a variety of user-generated voice commands, with four different actions, including:

  • Start cleaning
  • Pause cleaning
  • Dock / Go to home
  • Zone cleaning

As time goes on, Siri will learn your routine and offer suggestions throughout the day, making cleaning almost magical.

Neato's lineup of robot vacuums will begin supporting Siri Shortcuts this fall.

Brandon Russell