Are the iPhone and iPad letting employees sneak a peek at porn while on the job? Recently, Harris interactive was commissioned by video surveillance company Qumu to survey 2,500 employees and ask them, "what do you search on your mobile device at work that you cannot do, or are afraid to do, from your work computer?" These are some of their top responses:

  1. Look for another primary job
  2. Watch pornography
  3. Visit an online dating website
  4. Research an STD

Harris also asked how employees sneaked a peek at their mobile devices while at work, and the most popular answers were:

  1. Hiding their mobile device under the table
  2. Excusing themselves to go to the restroom
  3. Hiding their mobile device in their folders/notebooks/papers
  4. Pretending to tie their shoes
  5. Creating a distraction

While the results seem amusing, this is part of a growing trend affecting the workplace. A majority of Americans believe they should bring their own mobile devices to work to watch videos. This fits in the larger trend of a majority of Americans using more than one computing devices weekly, with 15% using 4 or more devices a week!

Obviously, Qumu's intent is to generate interest in their video solution, but it's not hard to imagine that democratized, popularized, ubiquitous internet connectivity will provide as many challenges for business as it does opportunities for individuals. Be that quickly scanning email at home, or the nudie-pic-of-the-day at work.