Apple Store Apple Arcade displaySource: Shloime

What you need to know

  • Some stores have received new Apple Arcade displays.
  • They feature iPad Pros and new imagery.
  • Apple Stores are also changing how accessories are displayed.

Some Apple Stores are undergoing refreshes to further promote Apple Arcade, including new displays that feature multiple iPad Pro devices looping videos.

The new areas replace existing gaming-focused displays as noted by 9to5Mac. The areas were previously dedicated to things like Sphero and Anki products, although Apple Arcade was also there. That has now changed to bring Apple's game service front and center.

Apple has also reportedly changed how it is displaying third-party accessories at some of its stores. Toys appear to have been replaced with game controllers and headphones, again allowing the displays to focus on accessories that gamers might need if they're diving into Apple Arcade on iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs.

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Apple Arcade displaySource: Shloime

As Apple continues to lean on its services business, moves like this make tons of sense. We've also seen Apple TV+ receive plenty of attention in Apple Stores in recent months and that will surely also continue into the future.