Sony CEO also thinks Apple is working on a TV set

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer -- like most of the rest of the world -- thinks Apple is working on a television set.

Stringer declined to provide details about what Sony is developing but said "there's a tremendous amount of R&D going into a different kind of TV set." He added that he has "no doubt" Apple's Steve Jobs also was working on changing the traditional TV set.

No surprise there, since Jobs said as much, and Stringer provides nothing in the way of "they're sourcing components from Sony" to jazz up the story as he's done previously for things like higher megapixel iPhone cameras.

Speaking of iPhone, some 5 years later, Stringer claims Sony is working hard to catch up there as well.

Meanwhile, Stringer said other phone makers will catch up to the iPhone, but their devices need to become "seamless." "The beauty of the iPhone is it's really well organized," he said.

And just FYI, Stringer says he's also not leaving Sony, despite their lackluster performance under his tenure.

Source: Wall Street Journal (Paywall)

Rene Ritchie

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