Sony Pictures close to deal for film rights to Steve Jobs biography

Sony Pictures is reportedly very close to securing a deal for the film rights to the Steve Jobs biography. The deal Sony is tabling is said to be $1 million against $3 million and that Mark Gordon will be in line to produce the film.

The book which will be called simply Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacsson was initially due for release in November. That date has now been pulled forward and it is set to hit shelves real and virtual on Oct. 24.

Sony Pictures has already made successful films from business related books so should be a good fit for the project. It has already had success with Moneyball and of course, Oscar nominated The Social Network.

Source: Deadline

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  • So who's gonna play Steve?
  • Noah Wyle. He pulled it off before.
  • no way he'll play steve again....
  • na, you know who? its the guy right now on sons of anarchy who is playing the d.a.
  • G.bye Steve jobs
  • Wow! didn't take long.
  • We've been talking on Quora since a few days now about the best actor to play Steve
  • I really wish Pixar got the job.
  • 1 film is not enough to depict the true steve jobs saga. It must came in at least 3 episodes
  • I honestly think that Luke Wilson should play Steve. I see some similarities when i watch Luke's movies