While iOS may have one of the smoothest user experiences, that certainly doesn't mean it isn't immune to some of the same issues other phones and electronic devices suffer from. I've definitely experienced slowdowns on my iPhone or iPad from time to time. There are a few things you can do to help speed up a sad iOS device. Hit the jump for a few common and more advanced suggestions. Here are some more tips on speeding up your iPhone or iPad.

Clear out your multitasking tray

Apple swears up and down that multitasking will not slow down your iPhone or iPad since iOS uses a type of "caching" or saved state process instead of true multitasking. Under normal circumstances, you don't need to kill tasks in iOS multitasking, but I'm still convinced that some apps can have memory leaks. App store apps are not as immune as jailbreak apps. So if you're jailbroken, you may definitely notice a difference doing this. I can check my memory usage via SBSettings and have less than 100MB free (the iPhone 4 has 512MB, for example). After clearing out my multitasking tray, that number magically jumps to over 300MB free.

Delete your text messages

I know this sounds like an odd one but believe me, having thousands of text messages can make not only your texting app run slower but it can slow down spotlight search if you have it set to search texts as well. I am definitely a constant culprit when it comes to leaving thousands of texts lingering around. My text app starts lagging and when I search for items in spotlight, I notice a definite lag. Deleting them typically makes my device a lot more snappy. This would obviously not apply to iPad users.

If you're jailbroken, limit what you install

Jailbroken users have to be even more careful about installing and running applications from Cydia. It's always important to make sure that the apps you are installing don't conflict with each other (which sometimes is not an easy task). You also want to be sure that applications you have installed are compatible with the version of iOS you are running. The App Store won't let you install anything that isn't compatible with your device but Cydia will. So make sure you're looking for those things. If you have a problem jailbreak app, uninstall it and see if your device speeds up.

If you guys have any other suggestions or helpful hints for how you speed up your iOS devices, let us know in the comments!

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