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What you need to know

  • Apple Arcade has gained a new game and it looks great.
  • Spyder is about a robotic spider.
  • And it just happens to be a spy.

Most weeks we see a new Apple Arcade arrive and this week it's the turn of Spyder, an adventure game from Sumo Digital sees a robotic spider become a spy. So that's where the name comes from!

Spyder is set in a retro world where a spy agency has created a new agent. Agent 8 is a "sophisticated miniature robot spider" and it's full of tricks. And you get to control it, too.

  • See the world from a new perspective.
  • Use amazing robot gadgets.
  • Explore unique and open environments.
  • Uncover secret intel.
  • Solve larger-than-life puzzles.

And you only have one aim through the entire game. Sounds simple, right?

Your One Tiny Objective? Save the World!


You can download Spyder from the App Store now, but you'll need to be an Apple Arcade subscriber to do so. You are an Apple Arcade subscriber, aren't you?

Game on!

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