We produce a half-dozen or so podcasts a week here at iMore and Mobile Nations and it can be tough to keep track of them all. So, from now on, we're going to be rounding all the iPhone, iPad, and Mac-centric stuff up for you every Monday so you can quickly find anything you might have missed and catch up on anything that interests you! This week we get a visit from The Beard, talk 4K TVs, get some advice on dealing with breakups, talk to the maker of Drafts and Terminology, and wrap up MWC 2014!

  • iMore show 391: Apple fanboys: Jim Dalrymple from The Loop joins Rene and Peter to talk about Steve Jobs' legacy, the SSL/TLS bug, the new Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, iWatch, and Apple TV expectations, and dumb media stories.

  • Vector 32: The ultra-high definition future of television and transcoding: Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis podcast where we talk about the biggest stories and issues in tech with the smartest people in the industry. On this week's episode, Don Melton and Guy English join Rene to get super geeky about 4K TV (aka UHD or 2160p), HEVC (aka H.265), VP8, and the future of televisions, physical and digital media, and transcoding.

  • ZEN & TECH 62: How to survive a breakup: ZEN & TECH is our lifestyle podcast where we help you center your inner geek. This week Georgia and Rene talk about how to handle a breakup. From staying classy to killing connections to dealing with grief to finding distraction to moving on and finding love again.

  • Iterate 63: Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise: Iterate is our designer interview show, like DVD extras for your favorite apps! This week Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise fame joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk Drafts, Terminology, Phraseology, and Tally, URL schemes, x-callback, and surviving in the App Store.

  • MWC 2014: Mobile Nations Podcast wrap-up!: Mobile World Congress 2014 is over and we wrapped it up in full-on Mobile Nations style! Join Phil Nickinson, Alex Dobie, and Andrew Martonik of Android Central, Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and Richard Devine of iMore as they talk EVERYTHING Samsung, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more!

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