State of the Apple Maps improvements

Apple Maps launched with iOS 6, and complaints and general dissent launched precisely 1 second later. It wasn't unexpected but depending where you lived, it was painful. Apple apologized and said they'd work tirelessly to make it right. Today, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop summed up exactly where they've gotten.

The results can be seen in an update to the app this week in Japan, but Apple has been steadily releasing updates for countries and cities from around the world.

Jim has a full list of Flyover, 3D building, and turn-by-turn navigation expansion as well. It's not a binary change; it's not bad one day and great the next. It's a steady stream of updates, large and small, almost invisible as they happen but significant when they're all counted up.

Check them all out via the link below.

The Loop

Rene Ritchie

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